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The blues are music's window to the soul.
John Lee Hooker
Muddy Waters
Otis Spann
Sonny Boy Williamson
Big Boy Broonzy
Lightnin' Hopkins.
Big Mama Thornton
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'60s Greats
Beach Boys
The Supremes
Paul Revere and the Raiders
James Brown
Bob Dylan
Jefferson Airplane
Mamas and the Papas
The Byrds
The Doors
The Kinks
The Who
The Chambers Brothers
Jim Hendrix
The Turtles
The Zombies
The Rolling Stones
Herman's Hermits
Canned Heat
Van Morrison
The Yardbirds
Dave Clark Five
The Temptations
Smokey Robinson
Joan Baez
Jan and Dean
The Righteous Brothers
Ray Charles
The Animals
Early rock and roll
Chuck Berry
Little Richard
Elvis Presley
Roy Orbison
Johnny Cash
Jerry Lee Lewis
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About the editor.
Growing up in the 1950's and '60's gave over 60 million Americans a unique perspective...on life, family, expectations, achievement, overcoming, work ethic, respect, politics and just getting along. The viewpoint published in this blog is my personal viewpoint.

I will take a hard look at the way things are today compared to the way things were "back in the day." My opinion may upset some folks along the way, but I promise to tell it like I see it and let the chips fall where they may. 

After all, I've been around for over six decades and it is time to share my viewpoint.  
Your ViewPoint is a new feature to!  We've replaced the NewsNotes with an open comment section so you can tell us...and the world what you think. 

Your ViewPoint is an open comment system meaning you can comment on anything in the news that has you fired up, frustrated or even happy! 

You choose the topic. You enter your comments and share them with everyone...instantly.
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