"        The Andy Griffith Show debuted. (I still watch this every day!)
"        There were only 2,000 computers in use. (I use three different ones daily!)
"        The Grammy's awarded album of the year to Bob Newhart for "Button Down Mind." (And, no he didn't sing. He told jokes.)
"        Bob Dylan debuted at the Gaslight Café in New York City. (He shared the stage with blues legend John Lee Hooker, and most reviews made fun of him.)
"        Ray Kroc started McDonald's. (Remember how it was a family event to go there?)
"        Sam Moore Walton opened the first Wal-Mart in Rogers, Arkansas. (Experts said it was a doomed business model.)
"        K-Mart opened as well. (The automobile culture was now changing shopping habits.)
"        AT & T revolutionized telephones with the first touch tone. (Of course this led to automated telemarketing calls.)
"        New Hampshire held the first state lottery. (Think state supported gambling will really succeed?)
"        The US Postal Service introduced zip codes. (And it wasn't long until two a day delivery went by the wayside.)
"        Pop Tarts were introduced by Kellogg.  (Both Mom and Dad were working outside the home in greater numbers.)
"        The Ford Mustang debuted. (Drove the first in my hometown!)
"        Bewitched won an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy. (Don't wink your nose at this one.)
"        WINS in New York City launched the first all news broadcast format. (Now we know who to blame for all the "opinion journalists" on cable television today.)
"        Frank Sinatra won Album of the Year…again. (He actually outdid Elvis and the Beatles during the early to mid 1960s.)
"        Star Trek premiered on NBC. (It was only mildly popular as you may recall.)
"        The NFL agreed to a merger with the fledgling AFL, and the "Super Bowl" concept was born. (This is one that didn't go wide right.)
"        The Public Broadcast System was born. (Remember it had no commercials!)
"        Smoking popularity peaked with 210 packs a year for each adult. (Smoking was considered cool and romantic).
"        The Chevy Camaro was launched. (It sold for a whopping $2,500.) 
"        The 911 emergency telephone system was introduced. (It started here in New York.)
"        The Woodstock Musical and Arts Fair started out as a little thing, and  then rocked the world. (I was a young Air Force officer stationed on a SAC base at the time.)
"        The GAP was founded. (Jeans go mainstream.)
The 1960's...change, innovation and memories!
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