The velvet gloves of the 1950s came off.  Button down collars, poodle skirts, crew cuts, pegged pants, hot rods, and jukeboxes gave way to tie dyed tees, "granny" dresses, shoulder length hair, bell bottom jeans, VW vans, and a weekend at Woodstock!

And, of course there was the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King, John Kennedy, the moon landing and more.
The vivid images of that vibrant decade stay with us.

The music, movies, television shows, photos, books, artwork, sports heros, styles and clothing define the unique look, feel, sounds and soul of the '60's generation.  They are the memories that will never leave us. They captured the moments that made all members of the 60s Generation who they are today.

Recapture those memories .

Every picture tells a story don't it!
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About the editor.
Growing up in the 1950's and '60's gave over 60 million Americans a unique perspective...on life, family, expectations, achievement, overcoming, work ethic, respect, politics and just getting along. The viewpoint published in this blog is my personal viewpoint.

I will take a hard look at the way things are today compared to the way things were "back in the day." My opinion may upset some folks along the way, but I promise to tell it like I see it and let the chips fall where they may. 

After all, I've been around for over six decades and it is time to share my viewpoint.  
Your ViewPoint is a new feature to!  We've replaced the NewsNotes with an open comment section so you can tell us...and the world what you think. 

Your ViewPoint is an open comment system meaning you can comment on anything in the news that has you fired up, frustrated or even happy! 

You choose the topic. You enter your comments and share them with everyone...instantly.
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