We enjoy our life and time!

Everyone keeps telling me that “kicking back” must be great...time to fish, golf, play cards or shuffleboard.  They tell me that the Golden Years mean paring back on the “have to’s” of life.

I must have missed that part of the class.  Who has the time to even think about “paring back.”

I’m busy.  No, really...I’m from the time I get up until the time I go to bed busy. So is my wife.

People keep trying to convince me that I’m retired, and that my time is finally my own...to do nothing I presume.  I’m sure they have me confused with some other handsome guy.  Fact is I never seem to have the time to do everything I want to do in any given day.  I’ll bet a lot of you feel the same way I do.
There’s the time it takes to do work on my computer for clients.  There’s the time I spend in meetings on behalf of my clients.  There’s the time I spend meeting with my clients. There’s the time I spend each day doing a laundry list of creative and management tasks for my clients.

Of course, there’s the billing, book-keeping, banking and general record keeping, and “admin things” too. New York state doesn’t make this part of my day any easier...that’s for sure!  I never did enjoy paperwork.

Once I do all these things, my day is...just getting started.

There’s my, and my wife’s, music gig too...Papa and Mama Root. 
Folks are always asking us....things like it must be nice to have a hobby like music.

No.  Music isn’t a hobby for us. We get paid for it!  Fact is, it is a huge part of what we do, and what we earn.  It is an extension of business. It is a convergence of marketing experience and a lifelong enjoyment of being “rockers.”
Everybody tells me things about this part 

There’s the time it takes to meet with sponsors, venue owners and other folks along the musical trail.

There’s the daily time bandit of booking and routing for the next “tour.”

Of course there are the daily tasks of practicing, rehearsing, writing, recording, copyrighting, etc.  The list here is a long one, and the time to do it way too short.

By the way, did I mention performing?  Well since we do that part of the job over 100 times a year in all kinds of cities and towns, there is the time spent packing and unpacking; traveling; setting up and breaking down; smoozing sponsors and venue owners; and actually playing and singing a few songs.  Thank the heavens that my wife has become proficient in all these areas!!

And, I shouldn’t overlook the time it takes for writing either...columns like this 60‘s Generation one.  Believe it not sometimes writer’s block does fall on you!

Now that I’ve verbally rambled about work and music and their impact on my daily allotment of time, it’s, well time, to include everything else.

The everything else category includes all the activities we all need for everyday living...things like grocery shopping, meal prep and cleanup, housework, medical appointments and time spend on a telephone waiting on any one of a hundred customer service agents.  Like music, my wife and I share these duties.  She of course handles most of it.  Someone has to be the boss!

From time to time we fit an extra hour or two into our days for watching television, enjoying a movie, going out to dinner, or visiting the kids.  Oh, we also play with our cat Ernie a lot and sleep when we can.

Bottom line is:  the Golden Years might be the time for scaling back and slowing down the consumption of time for most folks, but not for me, or my wife.  We seem to have revved up our pace to “warp speed.”  But that is okay.  Life is for enjoying. Time is precious.  We enjoy our life and time.
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