I mean it! Why?

We are the ones that taught these care takers and society “think tankers” how to function in every way...from reading a book to driving a car. Our bodies may have slowed down a bit, but we didn’t suddenly become oblivious to life swirling around us!

The “older folks are clueless" attitude is reflected by people everywhere...in doctor’s offices, in hospitals, at the electronic gadget stores, pet stores, restaurants, government offices, or anyplace that requires the smallest attention to detail or instruction. And, if the place has the label senior attached then you can bet that it is filled with “do-gooders” who seem to insist on telling us how to dress, what to eat, how to walk, how to talk, and what we should enjoy...on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or any day and time of the week!

I realize that a lot of these younger folks are just trying to do their job, or provide a little easier path, for us senior types, but come on stop treating us like three year olds. Maybe we should coin a term “age profiling” to describe it!

I would bet you agree. How could you not? The proof is all around us from the time we open our eyes in the morning until the time that we turn off the news and turn in.

I, for one, am tired of the “know it all”, parental, attitude that I get when I try to order a Big Mac, check on the features of the newest Smartphone, or ask to try out that new $4,000 dollar Martin guitar in the window.

Truly....I know what I want to eat, whether it is good for me or not. I know what I need to stay in touch in our communications addicted society. And, I sure as heck know how to form a G-chord on any guitar!

If I need help then I will ask for it. If I don’t understand then I will ask a question. If I can’t do something I will let you know. I can handle all that.

What I don’t need though is a crayon and note pad to mark down what I need. Trust me senior care givers, senior-phobic workers, and government experts, yes, my hair is gray and my walk is a little slower... but I haven’t regressed to my kindergarten years.

I mean, really? If you “younger than my children, but experts on my age folks” would open your eyes and look at me, then you ought to grasp the fact that I...I am not a child. Don’t treat me, or my fellow 60s Generation friends, like one!

I'm not a child...so don't treat me like one!
No, we aren’t back in first grade when teachers towered above us repeating the lesson instructions slowly to ensure that we might finally, and fully, understand what had to be done.

We aren’t sitting next to our mothers in the library and having our moms “shush” us each time we started to ask a question in any audio level beyond silent.

And, we aren’t the newest member of our little league baseball team. You know, the kid that the coach is exasperated with to the point of being red faced while reduced to screaming.

No, I, and probably you, are members of the 60s Generation...folks who have been around this neighborhood six, seven decades or more. We know more than most of the people out there.

We have seen the good and the bad. We have experienced it too. We have given, and received, more instruction on an endless list of subjects, than we care to admit. We have also mentored, nurtured, and taken care of things...and people.

We have stored away a treasury chest of life experiences...and lessons. We have the intellect and the ability to grasp...both the obtuse and the obvious. We aren’t a bunch of dumb-asses!

We understand that technology has changed the world from when we were “strutting our stuff.” We understand that we shouldn’t over salt our potatoes. We get it when we see a sign saying “wet floor, caution.” We can make prudent choices.

Basically, we are alert to what is going on. It comes with life experience...and age.

Agreed? I thought you would.

Then why...why do so many care takers of folks, our age and older, speak to us, and treat us, as if we were on our way to our first day at school, about to sit down for a dinner of something unknown at our less favorite aunt’s house, or struggling with the newest television remote?
Don't treat the members of the 60's Generation like a child!
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I am not a child. Chances are that if you are a regular reader of this column then you are not either.
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