The choice is Obama. Four more years.
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national debt
Things have changed since I first voted in an election back in the day.  My Dad and I agreed on values but often disagreed on who should lead the nation.

Republicans and Democrats and Independents too would head off  to the polls on election day and vote for the candidate or party of their choice and the decisions would be made in shades of how the candidate would likely lead the nation. 

My dad was a coal miner and his political beliefs would make him sound like a tea party guy today, but then he was a "hard core Democrat".  Why? Because Democrats supported the working man or woman better.  He was also a union leader who sided with management when the rank and file headed off in unauthorized "wildcat" strikes.  He was a paradox.

He also felt that both parties had America's back and stood for most of the same things...a strong military, a strong currency, jobs, justice and a core of hard work pays off.

Candidates became the choice close to the election and the tone was patriotic and civil.

Interesting now that I look back.  My Dad and I were looking for the same thing even if we disagreed on the person.  We wanted the best for all of America not just some political voting block.

If a candidate was running for re-election the race would be decided on jobs and the nation's stance in the world.  Seemed like a logical thing.

Things have changed...and in the most illogical ways.

First off, long, long, long campaigns with mud-slinging and just plain nasty accusations.  Bad stuff no matter who is doing the slinging.

People choose their standard bearer by a different set of guidelines too.  The most important seems to be"what can the President do for me and people like me?"  That is a far cry from John Kennedy's feeling!

For example, in this election no one seems concerned with the lousy job situation, falling family wealth, rising cost of health care, social safety net with giant holes, American flags burning in the sand, and the worse racial divide in my lifetime.

No, the folks I talk to are hoping to get more.  Plain and simple.

We have become a nation of self interest.  We have become a nation of people looking for a sugar daddy.  We have become a nation where the rock star image means more than substance.

It is shocking but has been building for a long time...and the blame goes to the folks in both major parties.

I hope the re-elected President can reverse the trend, but I doubt it. 

My Dad might have set this election out.
The election is over...finally.  My take on it all.
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